How Much Will I Receive

How Much Will I Receive For My Vehicle Donation To The Spca

You might be surprised what your car donation to the SPCA is worth!

To get a general idea of your vehicle worth at the time of your donation, you can use NADAKelly Blue Book or Edmund’s books. These publications are available online, or at your local library. You may also consult with your tax and legal advisor.

how much will i receive for my vehicle donation to the spcaYou can make an initial determination on your own as to the actual vehicle worth, you need to take into consideration the mileage, the overall condition of your car and allow for those deviations that should be added or subtracted from the values listed in the various auto pricing publications.

Things that add to a car value are 1 owner vehicles with lower mileage, being garage kept, being serviced regularly and a current inspection sticker. You should also gather and hold in a safe place any records that you may have for any recent repairs that you may have done. Such as tires, battery, exhaust repairs, engine or transmission repairs etc, your tax professional may find these useful at tax time. For more specific info please reviw A Donor’s Guide to Car Donations

Some things that may detract from a vehicles value would be needed major mechanical repairs, accident/crash damage, or excessive wear and tear for a vehicle of a specific age.

Donate Now – you’ll get a very nice deduction, you’ll be helping a great cause, and you’ll sleep well at night, knowing you did the right thing by Donating your car, truck, van, RV, boat or motorcycle to the SPCA.

Un-like the Red Cross,  The Salvation Army, Goodwill and most other charities nationwide, the SPCA will NOT auction off your usable, donated vehicle to dealers and wholesalers. We are the only known charitable organization in New Jersey that maintains a RETAIL sales location along with on-site detailers that will recondition and repair minor mechanical problems on your donated vehicle to make your car the best that it can be, prior to advertising your car to the general public. This is all done totally at our expense and by doing so has proven to maximize your donation to the SPCA along with maximizing your individual I.R.S. tax return. Each vehicle is flatbed towed directly to the Motor Pool here in Hainesport, New Jersey where your car will be evaluated individually and when it makes sense, we will complete some minor repairs related to mechanical issues and body defects. We then completely detail your vehicle and advertise your car to the general public at a fair, resonable RETAIL dollar amount.

This extra effort that we invest in your donated vehicle, has proven year after year to be highly beneficial to you as the donor as well as the SPCA. By us taking the time and making the effort to recondition your vehicle instead of sending it to a wholesale auction has proven to maxamize your donation. For example, if you donate a Jeep Gran Cherokee with a bad muffler and a weak air conditioner, if this car was taken directly to auction in that condition, noisy and dirty a dealer would buy it for approximately $2,000. By us replacing the muffler, recharging the air conditioner, detailing and selling to the public, that same vehicle could return a sale price of $4500 or even more, which would be the amount you are entitled to deduct on your taxes.

Our program director Michael Jaggard has over 35 years of automotive experience and has continued to develope and improve this vehicle donation program since 1996. This is what sets us far apart from other programs!